About Us

Wellness can and should be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep. RANI Lounge is a relaxation brand that celebrates the prioritization of rest and relaxation in all of its forms. Our goal is to make the world a more relaxed place and our products are designed to get you excited to make rest and relaxation an essential part of your everyday life.

The Founders

RANI Lounge was created by Neelam and Serena Virani. We're sisters who have loved wearing matching pajama sets since we were kids and have always had a deep commitment to rest as a key pillar of health. We built RANI Lounge to create products we love while educating people on the importance of rest in the hopes of making the world a more relaxed place.

Our Culture

A very important part of our lives is our South Asian heritage. While we were both born and raised in Canada, our mum is from Pakistan and our dad is from Uganda and both our parents have Gujarati heritage. The name RANI translates to “Queen” and is also part of our last name, Virani. Our pajamas have been designed in Pakistan and made in India, and our original prints are named after our grandmas Jena and Mary.