Our Founding Story

Our Founding Story

There are a few things that most people who know us, know about us: 

  1. We’re completely obsessed with each other 
  2. We’re both health and wellness junkies 
  3. We love being South Asian 
  4. If we’re at home there's a 99% chance you’ll find us wearing satin pajama sets 

We’ve always known that we would start a company together and that when we did, it would incorporate all of these parts of our lives. 

We’ve both gone down what we would consider fairly traditional career paths. Undergraduate degrees in business, a few years in the corporate world (Neelam in finance and Serena in consulting), and then off to startups. Something that has always shocked us about the corporate world, and a lot of professional industries, is the lack of concern for health and wellbeing that’s ingrained across so many working cultures. 

When we moved in together in 2018, Serena had just graduated from university and started working and Neelam had gone through a major health scare. This was when we first became interested in learning more about our bodies and building healthy habits together while balancing our professional ambitions, social lives, and the responsibilities that came with moving to a new city. 

Something that wasn’t immediately obvious was that no matter how much self-care you indulge in, or exercise you do, your body will never be at its best without sleep. Inspired by Matt Walker, we started learning more about sleep health and diving into modern scientific and traditional approaches towards rest and relaxation. 

We’ve noticed that there isn’t a single easy source to access this information and it’s not typically highlighted across most health and wellness platforms. We see and learn so much about all the different things we can do for our health from diet and exercise, to supplements, mindfulness, and more. What we don’t really see is an emphasis on the most important pillar, and foundation of health and wellness, sleep

Our hope is that we can share our learnings to inspire everyone to prioritize and appreciate the importance of rest and relaxation to be the best version of themselves. We want to change the narrative of constantly needing to be busy, overworked and over-scheduled to feel worthy and remove the guilt so many of us feel for taking the time to rest.

Since we were kids the minute we walk in the house the first thing we always do is change into a pajama set. With that in mind we wanted to create a collection of luxurious and comfortable pajamas that get everyone excited to get in bed and get the rest they need. As we designed our collection we also wanted to highlight another really important part of our lives, which is our South Asian heritage. RANI is a shared term across most South Asian languages and translates to Queen (and is also a play on our last name, Virani). The prints and designs of our RANI sets are inspired by the beautiful colours and designs of South Asian clothing. 

We can’t wait to see every RANI #RelaxLikeRoyalty in our sets as we work towards our goal of making the world a healthier and more relaxed place. 

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